Air Tools

In this section you will find Air Tools from PCL and Universal Air Tools.

RLU UT8419-8
Weight: kg

1" Universal Air Tools Impact Wrench


Speed: 4,500 rpm
Max Torque: 1800 ft lbs (2440 Nm)
Working Torque Min: 300 ft lbs (406.75 Nm)
Working Torque Max: 1500 ft lbs (2033.73 Nm)
Average Air Consumption: 12 cfm
Length: 521 mm (20.5 ins)
Width: 180 mm (7.1 ins)
Nett Weight: 13.2 kgs (29 lbs)
Vibration Level: 9.5 m/sec2
Sound Pressure: 108.4 db(A)
Square Drive: 1 ins
Air Inlet: 1/2 BSP ins
RLU UT8420
Weight: kg

1" Heavy Duty Impact Wrench

Heavy duty for Plant application.

Free Speed: 4,500 rpm
Impacts Per Minute: 1,100
Max Torque: 2,300 ft lbs (3118 Nm)
Working Torque Min: 468 ft lbs (634.52 Nm)
Working Torque Max: 1700 ft lbs (2304.9 Nm)
Average Air Consumption: 12 cfm
Length: 660 mm (26 ins)
Nett Weight: 14.5 kgs (31.9 lbs)
Vibration Level: 8.9 m/sec2
Sound Pressure: 103 db(A)
Air Inlet: 1/2 BSP ins

RLU UT8126
Weight: kg

1/2" Universal Air Tools Impact Wrench


1/2” Impact Wrench, twin pin mechanism,
through handle exhaust

Speed 6,000 rpm
Av Air Con 5.7 cfm
Max Torque 580 lbs ft (786 Nm)
Weight 2.0 kg
Vibration Level 6.75 m/sec2
Sound Pressure 85 db(a)
Length 195 mm
Height 170 mm
Air Inlet 1/4 bsp

RLU UT8138
Weight: kg

1/2" Universal Air Tools Impact Wrench

Speed: 8,000 rpm
Max Torque: 780 ft lbs (1058 Nm)
Average Air Consumption: 4.2 cfm
Length: 192 mm (7.6 ins)
Height: 192 mm (7.6 ins)
Nett Weight: 2.1 kgs (4.6 lbs)
Vibration Level: 5.3 m/sec2
Sound Pressure: 87.0 db(A)
Air Inlet: 1/4 BSP ins
RLU AC1450
Weight: kg

AirCat 1450 1/2" Impact Wrench

  • Refined design twin hammer increases blow frequency and blow efficiency
  • 800 ft-lb Max. Torque
  • Very fast torque development
  • 9,000 RPM free speed provides fast run-down
  • Ergonomically designed grip provides maximum operating comfort
  • Six position power management switch in back cap provides ultimate control
  • Great balance & handling comfort
  • Brushed aluminum housing finish
  • RLU AC1250K
    Weight: kg

    NitroCat 1250K 1/2" Impact Wrench - Kevlar

    The NitroCat 1250-K is a fearless, hard hitting 1/2" impact wrench that out performs anything in its class!

    1,300 ft-lb Loosening torque

    Hard hitting smooth twin clutch mechanism

    Durable KevlarTM reinforced "body armor" housing

    Patented ergonomically designed handle

    Patented quiet tuned exhaust

    Patented easy operation flip lever forward & reverse

    The twin clutch is better suited for heavy duty (frame work, medium to heavy duty trucks)


    Twin Clutch Mechanism
    Extreme harder hitting impact
    Recommended for high torque applications
    Loosening Torque: 1,300 (ft-lbs)
    Working Torque: 200-950 (ft-lbs)
    RPM (Free Speed): 8,500 RPM
    BPM (Under Load): 1,000 BPM
    Quiet Technology - 89 dBa
    Weight 4.7 (lbs.)
    Length: 7.9"
    Width 2.8”
    Height 4.5”
    CFM: 4.5 (Under Load)
    RLP APT205
    Weight: kg
    1/2" PCL Impact Wrench

    1/2" PCL APT205 Impact Wrench - Standard

    Pin clutch hammer mechanism. Forward and reverse mode. Rear exhaust. 4 forward operation impact settings. Non slip comfortable grip.

    Max Torque 540 Nm.Av Air Cons.  3.6cfm Vibration: 1.4m/s Weight: 2.4kg Sound: 96.6 dBA.
    Product Code RLP APT205
    RLP APP234
    Weight: kg
    3/4" PCL APP234 Impact Wrench

    3/4" PCL APP234 Impact Wrench - Prestige

    Ergonomic design for comfort, Lightweight, Reduced Vibration, Swivel Inlet, Used in agricultural Market 

    Max Torque 1490Nm. Av Air Cons. 7.2 cfm Vibration.24m/s²
    Weight 6kgs. Sound: 97.9 dBA.
    Product Code RLP APP234
    RLP APT702
    Weight: kg
    6mm Air Buffer

    6mm PCL High Speed Air Buffer / Die Grinder

    6mm collet (3 piece design) , Rear exhaust through handle, High velocity, low vibration , Safety throttle lever, Positive throttle action,

    22,000RPM, 0.6kgs, 93dBA, 5.4m/s², 3cfm

    Product Code RLP APT702

    RLP APT401R
    Weight: kg
    3/8" Reversible Drill

    3/8" PCL APT401R Reversible Air Dill

    Rear exhaust through handle, Side mounted forward/reverse shift ,  Triple planetary gear system, Jacobs keyless 10MM,chuck, Powerful air motor, Positive trigger action, 1,800RPM: 1.1kgs, 87dBA, 1.5m/s², 4cfm / 113l/min

    Product Code RLP APT401R 

    RLP APT320
    Weight: kg
    3/8" Ratchet Wrench

    3/8" PCL Air Ratchet

    3/8" Air Ratchet. Maximum Torque 60Nm, Forward/reverse knob on the ratchet head, Ball type retainer, Easy forward/reverse shift, Progressive throttle. 

    Max Torque: 60Nm  Av Air Cons. 3.6 cfm Vibration: 5.2m/s²
    Weight 1.2kg Sound 90dBA,
    Product Code RLP APT320