Calibration & Alignment

Calibration of equipment is important to ensure that your devices are displaying accurate results. Measurement equipment tends to be used heavily so regular calibration can detect when settings are getting close to tolerance.


Most of our customers tend to use our calibration service on-site. We can find a date that is suitable for you and our Technician can come out and calibrate any tools you may have including torque wrenches, air gauges, jacks and axle stands at your convenience.


Alternatively, we can arrange collection of your tools and calibrate them at our Didcot site. Turnaround is usually just a few days.


Prices start from as little as £20.00

The wheels/axles of a commercial vehicle are arguably the most important part. Getting the most out of your vehicle requires correct maintenance and for optimal performance, it should regularly undergo wheel alignment diagnosis and adjustment when required.


Wheel alignment sets the angle of the wheel so that they can track in the right direction. Most commercial vehicles come with individual wheel alignment settings, meaning each of the axles of the vehicle have to be separately aligned.


Undertaking corrective wheel alignment can help your fuel economy, tyre wear, reduce emissions and improve safety for your drivers.


Prices start from as little as £55.00


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