Pumps and Rams

RLE 103xxxx

10 ton Ram - stroke from 2" - 10"

Used to break beads on back of 5 piece earthmover wheels.
A "MUST" for all earthmover tyres. Perfect for construction, heavy rigging, and moving. Capacity- 10 Ton
Choose stroke option.
RLE 10306
Weight: kg

30 ton Ram 2 7/16" stroke

Used to break beads on back of 5 piece earthmover wheels. A "MUST" for all earth mover tire trucks. Perfect for construction, heavy rigging, and moving.
RLE 10312

55 ton bottle jack

Lightweight and Durable, Thick anodized parts resist wear, Includes ‘Shut-Off Valve’ to allow pump to be removed while ram is extended *, Aluminum base plate for stability in field use. Capacity: 55 Ton, Stroke: 4", Retracted Height: 8.75", Max Height: 12.25", Weight: 23 lbs

RLE 10300

100 ton bottle jack

Lightweight aluminum jack for easy handling and placing under the vehicle, Includes “Shut-Off Valve” which allows the pump to be removed while the ram is extended*. Capacity: 100 Ton. Stroke: 6", Retracted Height: 11.75", Max. Height: 17.75", Weight: 53 lbs

RLE 10592
Weight: kg

5 qt hydraulic pump

5 quart oil capacity. Metal reservoir.10,000 p.s.i. hydraulic pressure. Easily works on rams and bead breakers with oil to spare. Compact design easily fits storage bins.Shipped with premium hydraulic oil.
RLE 10877
Weight: kg

3.5 qt hydraulic pump

    For use with a variety of rams, presses, and hydraulic tools operating up to 10,000 psi.

Has an internal load limiting device

Air exhaust muffler for quiet pumping of air motor

Equipped with air and oil inlet filters to reduce the risk of contamination

RLE 10508
Weight: kg

Hydraulic hand pump

10,000 psi hydraulic pressure, 1 quart capacity.
RLE 10604
Weight: kg

8' hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic hose with swivel fittings, hose won't kink. Reinforced with 2 layers of braided steel. Use with any 10,000 p.s.i. pump, ram, and bead breaker. 8 feet in length (3/8" male end) includes coupler. 
RLE 15090
Weight: kg

Calcium Chloride Pump

Graco Calcium Chloride Pump W/ Accessories. 50 gallon (189 Liter) per minute capacity; 1 to 1 ratio double diaphragm pump.